Our Maine Coon Cats

Manncoons Firestorm of Luvmycoons
shown at 20months old. Love everything about this boy

HCM -/-  PKD -/- PK Def -/- SMA -/-


Conyers Cat Slater of Luvmycoons

HCM-/- PKD-/- PKDef-/- SMA-/-

Slater is sweet loving boy with beautiful pattern. Thanks Beth Polstra for this stunning boy .


LuvmyCoons Broadway Bruno is a giant of kitten He weighs 19 1/2 pounds at 9 months old . Bruno has the sweetest temperament and everyone wants to take him home.He will be our show premiere.



Rivercats Oliva Lakes of  Manncoons

Olivia is a beautiful Calico girl and is the top cat of our house.


MANNCOONS Lilith Lovebug

HCM -/- PKD -/- and SMA -/-

Lilith is a Brown patch tabby. Her dream would be a splash park owner as she loves water . She is 6 months old in this pic and she is a big girl.


Summer is our beautiful red girl with the longest tail and ear tufts. She is a sweet darling girl.

All our cats are Felv/Fiv negative.


Linda Pomes call or text 386 717 3345