Available Kittens

Beware  of Scammers when buying a kitten.

We do not have any kittens available right now .






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A deposit will be taken when kittens are approximately  6-9 weeks old . You can visit your kitten at 9 weeks old  ( when kittens receive their first vaccination) and not before . I send weekly update photos , Skype or FaceTime  to expecting families.

We not not allow visitors in my home when one of our girls is expecting or when we have kittens under 9 weeks old .

You can join my Facebook page Luvmycoons Linda Lee Pomes and ask for a referral from anyone who has one of our kittens .

  • Raised in home loving environment , handled daily and socialize with teens and adults
  • Tested for FELV, FIV. HCM negative parents. We are also starting to test for PK deficiency.
  • Vaccinations, wormed, vet-checked, parasite free
  •  Kittens are scratch post trained and litter trained
  • Life-time support!
  • No kittens will be sold unseen

We raise our litters with love and attention. Our kittens are friendly and well adjusted to normal household noises and most of them love playing in water.  Vacuum cleaners are not an issue for my kittens.

FLORIDA LAWS – All kittens sold in Florida must have a health certificate by a Veterinarian. The kitten is vaccinated, tested for FELV ,FIV, fecal float for worms, vaccinated, health check .

Please call or text me, I can refer to someone who has a kitten available

Linda Pomes 386 717 3345.

Not listing email due to Nigerian scammers sending me tons of emails