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We are currently feeding our kittens Proplan wet kitten and dry kitten food. They will transition to Victor cat food all stages and Royal Canine Maine Coon formula.


Poisonous plants to cats
Omega Paw Litter Box

Litter Robot

Cat Genie

City Kitty

Why a kitten cost so much

Scoop Away Litter 

Sturdi products, cat carriers


nail scissors

Furninator large one for long hair cats


I use horse pine bedding purchased from Feed stores it is 40 pounds of pine for 7.00


Wet and Dry kitten food Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin , Cores , any grain free good food , Fromms

Cooked Chicken , Raw Chicken , Raw beef heart

Cooked liver, cooked fish, cooked chicken


Greenies – Catnip Flavor is a favorite

Toys Stick toys with feathers in end . Beware of ribbons toys your kittens legs can get tangle in then if you are not around . I always put them away .
Cat dancer toys

Cat post – Molly cat post from Pet Supermarket


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